A Conscious Leadership Journey Transforming Your Overwhelm to Power — TRUE Power

An 8-Week LIVE Online Course
for Leaders, Entrepreneurs & Professionals

with Rúna Bouius
Founder, True Power Institute
& Co-founder, Conscious Capitalism LA

Do you aspire to be creative, effective and caring as a visionary leader? 

Do you want to rise up and contribute your genius to your workplace, family, communities, and the world?

And do you want to honor that inner yearning to serve your higher purpose and unleash that power you know you have within you?

I know I do!

I’m sensing a real desire for more peace, more quiet, and yes, more hope.

We are ready to reclaim our connection to ourselves and life.

But our human Operating System is increasingly under assault and in overdrive resulting in frustration, impatience, and depletion. We have turned into stressed-out super-victims numbed by anxiety and overwhelm that zaps our well-being.

We are locked in a culture that tells us that we can only be a winner if we work hard and stay on the go-go-go track. 

Even our self-worth is tied to our accomplishments.

The speed of our techno times, the onslaught of data, complexity, and change also diminish our life-force and effectiveness. The state of world affairs is also gripping us in fear and robbing us of hope for the future of the next generations.

No wonder people are experiencing overwhelm in massive numbers.

Some people are aware of their struggles, while most have become so accustomed to their stressed-out state of being that they think that it’s normal. They have become numb and robotic and too often reach for medication to try to get by.

The only way to change the way you experience the world is by going inside and upgrading your internal operating system. 

You alone are responsible for managing how you react or respond to the outside world. 

You alone make the choices of how you use your energy. 

When you give priority to the needs of your inner leader and commit to the practice of being the one in charge of your life, you lighten up, and great things start to happen. 

I created Finding Your Calm to help you take charge and consciously choose a new way of being.

This program is created for an intimate Power Circle limited to 12 participants only.

Discover powerful Conscious Leadership practices to deepen your awareness, upgrade your mindset and strengthen your resilience.

By the end of this course, you can expect to experience:

  • A deeper understanding of the cause of overwhelm: You will understand that even though the external world is crazy, you have the power to create peace and calm in your internal world.
  • Reconnection with yourself and improved relationships: As you reconnect with yourself, your relationships shift. You replace unconscious reaction with a thoughtful response and calm presence.
  • A more grounded and awakened sense of well-being: You will have a better understanding and alignment of your mind-body connection – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual intelligences.
  • The ability to make more conscious choices: You will awaken to the power you have to replace your survival mode with effortless flow and thriving.
  • Increased clarity. vitality, and beingness: You will have a newfound sense of vitality, a solid foundation for the future you, and a zest for living. You will be power — TRUE Power.

Rúna's Personal Journey

For more than 30 years, Rúna has been on a committed path toward wholeness and unleashing her TRUE Power.

It all started one morning after Rúna had spent twenty years as a CEO and trailblazing serial entrepreneur in her native country, Iceland. She was getting ready for work and saw a robot in the mirror. Startled she asked “Who are you? You are not who I want to be.”

That moment she woke up to the brutal truth that she was a workaholic and didn’t know who she was.

She vowed to change that.

To fulfill that vow, Rúna moved with her two young sons to Santa Fe, New Mexico, after selling her businesses and the unexpected death of her Dutch husband.

Rúna dedicated over a decade to her personal healing practice to fulfill her promise to herself. She went through an intense process of apprenticeship and training in conscious leadership with powerful teachers that guided her through modalities such as psychology, personality profiling, Shamanism, wisdom traditions, experiential learning through energy, awareness, and mindfulness practices, spirituality, and direct teachings from Nature.

For the last fifteen years Rúna has shared what she had learned with other leaders. She has facilitated conscious leadership, mentored conscious leaders, and built conscious business and social impact communities.

In addition to her teachings, Rúna is a leadership influencer, speaker, author, and advisor to visionary leaders, courageous entrepreneurs, and people of positive social influence.

As a thought leader and global change agent, she is in the vanguard of the new-business-paradigm thinking, the creation of better workplaces, and growing the bold next-generation leaders.

What Luminaries are Saying About Rúna Bouius. . .

“Rúna has developed her own unique approach and powerful vision in the business realm. She is a true warrrioress, one whose tremendous inspiration of the new way for a cooperative world awakens your heart in a much-needed transformation." 

Ohki Simine Forest, native visionary & spiritual leader

"Rúna is one of the most important visionaries arising in modern times with deep insight that is crucial for the leaders of our modern time. She blends great inner wisdom with a warm sensitivity to the unique needs of those she is supporting."

— John P. Milton, founder and CEO of Way of Nature

Rúna is a wise soul who lives conscious leadership. It comes from inside her in the way she conducts her own life, and in the way she brings practical conscious leadership wisdom to her clients and relationships."

Gina Hayden, co-founder, Global Institute for Conscious Leadership & author, Becoming A Conscious Leader

Here's What You'll Learn. . .

MODULE 1: Sit in a Bubble of Calm: Setting the Stage for Your Journey

In our first session, we will explore the concept of transformation and ‘being calm,’ and the importance of cultivating self-awareness in launching the conscious leadership journey.

  • The 3-step framework of transformation
  • What does it mean to be calm?    
  • Worldviews and reality
  • How to achieve heaven on Earth
  • Conscious Leadership practices

MODULE 2: When the Sh*t Hits the Fan: Exposing the Origin of Overwhelm

In this module, we examine the underlying cause of stress and overwhelm – the lack of well-being. 

  • Understand the meaning and cost of overwhelm
  • Why the human system is on overdrive 
  • Discover the ‘Wall of Fear’ & the 7 Obstacles
  • Explore the past, present, and future  
  • Examine the state of being conscious or unconscious

MODULE 3: Wake Up To Where You Are: Mapping Your Current State of Being

In this session, each participant will identify their challenges in present reality and examine root causes. We will uncover:

  • Self-Leadership Audit - Current State of Being
  • Taking ownership of the situation
  • Moving through crisis
  • Awareness practices
  • The 4 Pillars of Vitality

MODULE 4: Shake Up Your Body, Mind, & Spirit Connection: Activating the Energy Flow  

In this session, we will explore our energy system and energy management, and how changing your energy can change your life.

  • Body-Mind-Spirit Connection
  • Examine the 3 energy centers
  • Deepen understanding of universal energy principles 
  • The 4 human intelligences 
  • You as a living energy system

MODULE 5: Spot Your Communication Style: Getting Out Of Stuck Places

In this module, we will explore a roadmap of our patterns of communication and human expressions that easily gets us into stuck places and conflict with ourselves and others. 

  • Discover the 3-Brain Reaction Styles
  • Examine communication traps 
  • Identify your own Reaction Style
  • How to balance your thinking, feeling, and doing
  • 3-min Energizing Stress Relief

MODULE 6: Upgrade Your Mindset: Training Your Brain To Reframe Your Story

In this session, we will examine our core values and the limiting beliefs and concepts that keep us from unleashing our truest potential and personal power.

  • Why do we need a mindset upgrade?
  • Improve readiness and agility to learn
  • Examine values and limiting  beliefs, habits, and behavior
  • How to train your brain for resilience
  • Make conscious choices

MODULE 7: Lighten Your Load: Envisioning Your New Way Of Being

In this session, we will explore how to achieve more by doing less, take you through a process to simplify your life, and design a vision of your future self.

  • The multitasking debate
  • The Pruning Process 
  • Power up your conscious choices
  • Working with intentions
  • Designing the new vision of your future you

MODULE 8: Embody Your Being-ness: Embracing the Union of Presence and Relaxation

This last session brings together the tantalizing qualities of the opposites as you enter into your new way of being.

  • Be - Do - Have Principles
  • Examine the feminine and masculine principles 
  • Where are you now?
  • Celebrate your new vision
  • Integrate the learning into your new story

Here's What You'll Receive

  • 8 Weekly LIVE Teaching and Q&A Sessions with Rúna: Each week Rúna will host a live 90-minute Zoom call to teach and answer your questions about the course material.
  • Follow-up Group Support Call (January 14, 2020) : A 60-min group call to follow up with participants progress, sharing wins, and pose new questions to Rúna.
  • Practices to Support Your Learning:  Each week you will receive awareness practices that will deepen and support your understanding and practical integration of the course content covered, and provide you with an embodied experience. 
  • Custom Learning Center (Lifetime Access): You’ll have access to all the course materials and resources via our private, customized course website, so you can easily go back and access any of the materials as often as you’d like. 
  •  Recordings of Live Calls: We will record all of the live weekly sessions, so if you miss one you’ll still be able to experience what happened that week. 
  • Private Facebook Group: Your home for ongoing connection and collaborative support during AND after the program. Connect and engage with  participants to share your breakthroughs and insights to deepen the teachings and practices.

+ PLUS These Special Course Bonuses

Early Registration Bonus (Until Midnight PDT Nov 1) 

Private 1-On-1 "What's Next" program with Rúna - $1597 value
A unique opportunity to work privately with Rúna online in a 2 x 90 min power-mapping process evaluating your present situation and what growth edges are emerging. This will give you a clearer picture of your priorities and the next steps to take on your leadership journey. Access to Rúna by email or phone between sessions.

Private 1-on-1 coaching session with Rúna ($500 value)

A 50-minute online, 1-on-1 coaching session with Rúna to discuss any  aspects of your professional or personal leadership and to deepen the work you are doing in the course. 


Growing Your Well-Being: 9 Inspirations That Get You On the Right Track by Rúna Bouius

A compilation of articles by Rúna Bouius around the topic of well-being. They are all based on her own experience as she has traveled through her journey of healing workaholism after twenty years as an entrepreneur. Her north star is wholeness, and she hopes to inspire the reader to commit to her/his own journey. ($27value). Includes: 

  • Ideas of self-care, rejuvenation, and renewal
  • How to live spontaneously
  • How to take charge of your fears


Energy Audit by Jayne Warrilow 

The Energy Audit is meant to inspire you to become more aware, more conscious of yourself, and your energy. It shines a light on the problem of overwhelm, how the way we are working isn’t working, and the cost for the human being. 

  • The 4 key dimensions of energy
  • The 3 areas to invest in to be whole
  • Audit to establish your overall energy

Jayne Warrilow is the founder of Sacred Changemakers. She is an author of An Energy Awakening and the master-coach at the Coaches Business School, helping coaches and consultants step into their power as awakened coaches and succeed in business and life. ($47value)

Mindfulness for Your Busy Life by Wendy Quan 

This audio program (with supporting handouts) introduces how to easily and practically incorporate mindfulness into your busy life. Includes audio instructions for basic meditation posture and props, basic breathing and relaxation,  guided meditations and more.

Wendy Quan is an innovator and the industry leader, training and certifying meditators to become mindfulness meditation facilitators in their workplaces and communities, and combining change management techniques with mindfulness to help people through difficult change. ($147 value)

Six Radical Truths to Transform Your Speaking by Gail Larsen

 If you struggle with public speaking or don't know what you are here to say, Gail Larsen's proven process takes you to the finish line. In this report, she will liberate you from the Great Lies told to you about speaking. She replaces them with Six Radical Truths that have the promise to transform your relationship to speaking.

  • Myths about public speaking debunked
  • Truths about speaking from your soul revealed
  • The value of your energetic health for speaking

Gail Larsen is a legend in the transformational speaking world. Through her live Transformational Speaking™ Immersion and Transformational Speaking™ Online, she has guided some of the most powerful transformational leaders to unearth their stories and share them with the world. She is the bestselling author of Transformational Speaking: If You Want to Change the World, Tell a Better Story. ($25 value)

Optimum Leadership - Excerpted from Optimism: The How & Why by Victor Perton

Victor Perton (The Optimism Man) shares quotes on leadership from leading Voices of Optimism. They are answers to his question, “What makes you Optimistic?” or follow up questions on leadership and optimism. More than 200 peoples share their wisdom and insights; Most will inspire, some will amuse, and others look to improve the current state of global leadership.  ($30 value)

  • The Benefits of Optimism
  • Insights into the relationship between optimism and leadership
  • The best leaders are infectious optimists and lead their teams to discover greater optimism, resilience, and self-mastery.

Victor Perton is "That Optimism Man" He asks people what makes them optimistic. He is a speaker, compère, moderator, barrister, and researcher and the author of "Optimism: The How and Why" and "The Case for Optimism: The Optimist's Voices". He is the Founder and Editor of "The Australian Leadership Project" He has shared the learnings from "The Case for Optimism" and The Australian Leadership Project in prison, schools, universities, boards, corporates, NGOs, conferences, and retreats.


It's More Than a Course...It's a Powerful Circle of Support

You'll be part of an engaged, like-minded learning group throughout the 8-week program and beyond — your TRUE Power circle practice community.

Here you’ll be learning from each other, supporting each other’s work, and potentially partnering with your fellow participants on mutual growth opportunities. You’ll connect and bond with your course-mates during our time together, and surely find ways to help each other grow and be successful in the work.

What Collaborators Say About Working with Rúna . . .

 A rare thought leader in the conscious business space, Rúna is committed to awakening leaders to push the membrane of possibility in both their personal and professional lives. Rúna is a rare individual. She is not only compassionate, thoughtful, and determined, but also brilliant

— Jayne Warrilow, founder, Sacred Changemakers

Rúna is an embodied practitioner of conscious leadership principles. I am struck by her presence, groundedness, and clarity. Rúna has integrated her business acumen with a vast toolkit of adult development methods and techniques, all coming together to catalyze transformation.”

Kent Frazier,  transformational coach & consultant, ParadoxEdge

“Behind Rúna's calm, cool and collected demeanor is deep wisdom, a quick wit, a touch of playfulness, and an extremely caring, mindful observer. In other words, a conscious leader to her core. Rúna’s innate knowledge of the mind-body-spirit connection is evident throughout everything she does.”

— Rocio Villalobos, founder & creative director, VidroMedia

About Rúna Bouius

Rúna Bouius is the founder of The True Power Institute. A former CEO and trailblazing serial entrepreneur from Iceland, she is a Conscious Leadership facilitator and influencer, executive coach, mentor, speaker, author, and advisor to leaders, entrepreneurs, and people of influence. As a thought leader and global change agent, she is in the vanguard of the new-business-paradigm thinking, the creation of better workplaces, and growing the bold and visionary next-generation leaders.

For more than 35 years, Rúna has been on a committed journey toward wholeness. She has undergone an intense training and mentorship in Conscious Leadership, working with powerful teachers through modalities such as psychology, Shamanism, ancient wisdom and universal principles, experiential learning through energy, awareness, and mindfulness practices, spirituality, and direct teachings from Nature.

Today Rúna integrates her business experience and acumen with her Conscious Leadership and spiritual training as she guides progressive and visionary leaders to wake up to their TRUE Power and wield it wisely for the benefit of the world.


Transform Your Overwhelm into Presence, Relaxation & Clarity

An 8-Week LIVE Online Course 
with Rúna Bouius

First session begins November 12, 2019, 12 pm PT / 3:00 pm ET 
All sessions will be recorded for your convenience, if you're unable to attend live

This program is designed as an intimate circle limited to 12 participants only. Questions? Contact [email protected]

  • 8 Weekly Live Teaching and Q&A Calls
  • Follow up Group Support Call (January 2020)
  • Practices to Support Your Process
  • Private Facebook Group 
  • Course Learning Center (Lifetime Access)
  • Recordings of All Live Calls
PLUS a Bonus Package Valued at $2373:
  • [EARLY REGISTRATION BONUS] Private 1:1 "What's Next" program with Rúna - $1597 value
  • Private 1:1 Coaching with Rúna - $500 value
  • Audio Instructions and Meditations – $147 value
  • Growing Your Well-Being eBook – $27 value
  • Energy Audit eBook – $47 value
  • Staying Calm on the Speaking Platform Report  – $25 value
  • The Case for Optimism Booklet  – $30 value

Total Value of Course + Bonuses  = $3787

Book a 15 min call with Rúna if you have any questions >>>


Just $1497




Payment in Full





3 Monthly Payments



No Risk Guarantee: If you feel the course is not right for you, we’ll refund your tuition up to 30 days from the date you purchased the course. Questions? email [email protected]

Still More About Rúna . . .

“Rúna  Bouius is that very rare thing  – a modern shaman woman who has lived multiple lives right here on this earth plane. Serial entrepreneur, spirit seeker, conscious leadership guru and intrepid futurist. I don’t use these labels lightly – they all merge into one bundle of inspiring source energy that is gloriously embodied by Rúna. 

— Achim Nowak, author, C-Suite Success Coach, Brilliant Best Mastermind Convener

Rúna Bouius is a wise leader whose depth and passion are reflected in her life journey as both student and master of the practices that sustain us in times of stress. She teaches what she has tested in the waters of her own life and applies it brilliantly. She not only inspires, she teaches practical tools to imbue leaders with the inner strength to meet their challenges with confidence and compassion.” ​

— Gail Larsen, author, Transformational Speaking, & founder, Real Speaking

“Rúna possesses great wisdom about the meaning of life which she combines with substantial insights into people and connects all these aspects directly to the corporate world. This enables her to help you to see clearly, guide you to the right path, and enable you to take the next steps towards a better and more positive future.´ 

– Ulrik Nerløe, freedom creator, author & international speaker

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the dates for the 8 live group calls on Zoom. Please note that every live session will be recorded as a video and posted on the course website if you can’t make it live. All calls will be at 12:00 pm Pacific Time on these days: Nov 12, 2019... then Nov.19, Nov. 26, Dec 3, Dec. 10, Dec. 17, and Jan. 7, Jan. 14.

All of our group sessions will be recorded so you’ll have access to each session at your convenience.

 You can finish the course at your own pace in your own time. You will be able to download all the materials and/or access them on the course website. You will have ongoing access to the community FB group so that you can continue to interact and learn with the course participants even after you have completed your sessions.

You already have 1 private coaching session with Rúna included in the program cost. Packages of 3 coaching sessions at a special price will be available to participants.  All information will be kept confidential. To set up an appointment, contact Rúna at [email protected]

Nothing special, just a device that connects to the Internet to participate in the Zoom classes, access the Facebook group, and access to the course website. And of course an open mind, curiosity, and willingness to dive into unknown territory. 

Supporting Indigenous Consciousness in the 21st Century

We are delighted to commit 5% of gross revenue from the Finding Your Calm course to the non-profit Red Wind Councils supporting community projects of indigenous women in Chiapas, Mexico


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